About Us

We are primarily a company that engages in providing superlative solutions for people who are looking for value, cost-effectiveness, and exceptional results for their business. We do this by adhering to certain core values that we have developed along the way, a set of beliefs and practices we have come to call the Voncore Way:


There are no shades of gray when working with Voncore. You see everything we do whenever you want to see it, and you know specifically what you are paying for. We are not in the practice of withholding information that pertains to the business of a partner from them, because that is, we believe, bad business practice. When we work with a business partner, the partner is kept constantly aware of what is going on, everytime, all the time.

True Partnership

One of the values that Voncore holds in high regard is maintaining true partnership with the business partner. True partnership goes beyond the traditional mode of doing business with a client, beyond the typical following of the instruction to the letter and seeing how the results come out. Rather, Voncore sees all challenges and tasks through together with the business partner, fulfilling the partnership in its truest form.

Always Improving

There is the tried and tested way of doing business, a method practiced by most businesses since it yields the results stated in their chosen business models, then there’s the Voncore way, where a good result is just simply enough. Voncore believes and lives the adage stating why settle for good, when it can be made better? We constantly seek out ways how to better our craft, keeping us a step ahead of others in the industry.

Team Focus

By looking at a business from afar, the greater picture can certainly be seen, such as the scope and all the interconnectivity of the tasks and goals, but a closer look will provide another perspective, that of the actual business unit, the team, and how it functions to make the set goals a reality. Voncore also gives particular focus to the team, making sure that the teams function harmoniously, and are provided with all the tools and resources needed to achieve what they set out to do: to hit the goal of the business, and maybe even exceed it.