Becoming your voice in the world.

Some of our clients don’t need anything more than for us to become their voice in the world. If this sounds like you, you’re going to love the sound of our voice. Truth is, our people are the products of a highly developed educational system fashioned after the American model. As a result, the spoken English of our personnel is near neutral. And when it comes to putting our communication skills to good use, quality matters more to us than quantity.

Our metrics are focused on results that directly influence business goals, not call counts. So when we have to spend 10 minutes to close one sale, that’s better than having our people logging 100 calls to uninterested prospects.

• Out Bound Business Development Sales Agents
• Inbound Customer Care Representatives & Sales
• Tele-Researchers
• Lead Generation

High Caliber Sales Team

We seek out some of the best talent from a variety of industries that match your need. Most of our agents already come from a seasoned sales background and a track record to show-case. VONCORE constantly attracts this talent and is excited to make these individuals a part of your team.

Global Resources Mean Faster ROI

Offshore outsourcing delivers the talent for the right price. We are dedicated to maximizing value for our clients with exceptional results and financial performance.

Instant Coffee, Get Launched Quickly!

We get your team up and running quickly with our read-to-go infrastructure. Our facilities are prepared with workstations, VOIP lines, dialers and a full management, training & IT staff to get your MOST department producing quickly.

Special Skills & Multi-lingual Support

Our recruiting team is waiting for its next challenge. Your challenge. We’ve staffed departments with sales agents, industry specialists, technical experts and even bi-lingual agents. Today, VONCORE serves over 6 languages including Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish, German, Spanish and, of course, English.

One-Stop Shop

Many VONCORE clients have selected us because we are a true one-stop shop for custom outsourcing. For example, many have gone beyond their MOST sales teams to develop other custom departments for their business such as article writing teams for SEO purposes, software development groups and market research groups. Our model finds the best talent and dedicates them to your business giving your company better and better results.