Company Profile

VONCORE is a US based company with offices in the NY/NJ Tri-State Area. Their mission is to provide growing businesses the opportunity and the smoothest path to gaining value from a highly trained and cost-effective staff. They do this by providing exceptional work management technology, collaboration systems, and hiring the best professionals.

Voncore develops a low-cost back office operation for you that can fit into both core and non-core business processes. The result is generally a 40-60% comparable savings and a flexibility to ride both high and low market cycles with ledd turn-over and sacrifice to your talent assets. Outsourcing is not just for large companies. Voncore's objective is to give businesses of all sizes the benefits of having an outsourced operation.

These benefits include: - More time & resources to focus on core business & abilities - Increased access to internal capital from cost savings - Enhance competitive positioning - Lower investment risks on initiatives