Corporate Social Responsibility

Voncore not only seeks to continually provide excellent offshore outsourcing solutions, we also focus on corporate social responsibility. In our partnership with the Gawad Kalinga foundation, an organization aimed at eliminating poverty by providing decent low cost homes and self sustaining communities, we are continually giving back to the disadvantaged sectors of society.

Gawad Kalinga’s humanitarian vision inspired both local and multi-national corporations from different industries to join in the work of eliminating homelessness and eventually freeing the world from poverty. The biggest corporations in the country have been united in this endeavor, showing that no matter how tough the competition is in the corporate world, businesses are willing to go the extra mile to pursue corporate responsibilities in service of their communities.

Voncore is one of these companies who have partnered with Gawad Kalinga. We have been constantly promoting and marketing GK. We have also collaborated with Smart Communications, Inc for the creation of GK Unity, a world-class technology that serves as GK’s technological platform for organizing its massive resources of volunteers, donors, and donated assets spread across the country and the world. Voncore has also helped launch GK1World which now serves as Gawad Kalinga’s primary website.

We are proud of this corporate social responsibility and we believe it reflects our core work principles and ethics. Our company cares not only about the client, we also about the client’s consumers. We keep our business friendly to our employees, our stakeholders, and the countries which houses our base of operations. We are not just a company that provides cost-effective service; we are a company that cares about how our projects promote social responsibility. We believe that protecting the interest of all peoples and the environment can lead to sustainable profit making that should be the benchmark of good business.