The KPO Difference

Our business focuses on knowledge process outsourcing (KPO). It is a high-value-added form of business process outsourcing (BPO) that provides domain-based business expertise rather than just process expertise. We also put emphasis on higher complexity processes which require the talent of professionals with extensive education and experience. By off shoring these high-end processes to low-wage developing countries that produce highly educated scientists and professionals like the Philippines, VONCORE provides cost-effective short and long-term solutions.

VONCORE’s value is to provide superior enterprise decision-making as opposed to cost saving alone so you can improve top line results and better your bottom line. Unlike traditional BPO, VONCORE’s KPO involves knowledge-intensive business processes that require significant domain expertise vs. a repeated non-core business process that requires low-level skills. Though similar to the BPO industry in the areas of basic infrastructure and HR processes requirements (including significant data and security investments; competitive recruiting, training and retention programs), there is a much higher bar for KPO service providers. MBAs, PhDs, engineers, doctors, lawyers, writers, designers, web designers and other specialists with formal credentials perform the work.

For example, VONCORE won’t just staff an inbound IT help desk. It will recruit and train talented professionals to act as an extension of your business to generate revenue through targeted telesales. With VONCORE’s access to a maturing, low cost talent pool, you can do more with the same resources while driving higher revenues and margins based on the strength of what you know and how you use that knowledge.

VONCORE’s Value Added Services

We do more than bring knowledgeable personnel with proven skills to the table. We provide multiple services, controlled by one U.S.-based company. We provide operational efficiency, senior management control, and vigilant quality control. And we are fast. We are able to quickly develop effective solutions for our clients because we combine process-modeling expertise with superior technology.