High Definition Videoconferencing

Voncore is equipped with high definition videoconferencing utilized especially for client meetings. The best videoconferencing technology is necessary due to the nature of offshore outsourcing and its global clients.

Providing clear lines for client communications is one of our top priorities due to many reasons. Immediate and clear communication addresses our focus for complete adherence to client needs. Communication through chat or emails is not enough. Meetings through audio can sometimes not be enough. Even small extra-linguistic misunderstandings can lead to flaws or even to big problems in the finished output.

Videoconferencing facilitates our meetings with clients on the other side of the world. It saves time and money since meetings can pull through even on short notice. Regular updates and meetings are easily held because the system is always at hand and is cost-efficient. Because of our high definition videoconferencing, distance is not an obstacle for clear lines of communication.