Multi-lingual Call Center

Multi-lingual call center services have become so significant in the recent years especially for companies who want to bring their business to a wider market. The non-English speaking market is growing and if your company is not reaching out to German, Spanish, and other foreign language-speaking customers, you are missing out on various opportunities to improve client acquisition and increase revenues.

Using Voncore as your multi-lingual call center service provider would help you expand your business, increase your return on investment, and effectively acquire clients and customers from non-English speaking markets. We deliver excellent customer care and acquisition, order processing, and voice response. Because of our competence, excellent foreign language specialists and output-driven services, we have the capacity to process millions of multi-lingual calls a year.

We put the best sales team to serve your multi-lingual call center needs. Our multi-lingual agents and foreign language specialists have passed rigorous language proficiency examinations to make sure that they communicate your message excellently in selling your products. At Voncore, we maintain a high standard of professionalism among our multi-lingual call center agents to ensure that we give you the best service possible.

Language barriers can affect your business performance in the corporate world. Voncore helps you bridge the gap between you and non-English speaking markets and communities to help you compete globally and meet your business objectives by offering quality multi-lingual call center services.