An Online Automative Parts Dealer
KPO Service Type: Search Engine Optimization


An up-and-coming online High Intensity Discharge (H.I.D.) car lights dealer had a dilemma in drawing prospective clients to their website. The client wanted to reach out more to their targeted customers and get a bigger share of the market.

The Challenge:

In order to increase its exposure on the internet and eventually boost its sales, the company needed to drive more targeted traffic to their website and have higher rankings in major search engines used by their potential customers.


The client came to Voncore to help them do search engine optimization on their website. Voncore’s elite SEO team did an intensive research about their market and proposed an online marketing strategy to drive targeted traffic to their site. The team members, composed of an SEO engineer, an SEO writer, and a backlink support group, were carefully picked for the job. Voncore made sure that the SEO team was ready to deliver the expectations of the client.


Voncore waged a focused campaign dedicated to make the up-and-coming dealer appear in the online search queries of prospective clients looking for the particular items that the dealer offered to the public. Being on top of the search results from an online inquiry has significantly boosted the sales figures of the client, as well as actually making the client website establish an online presence in that particular market niche. This presence was further reinforced by a sustained effort to keep the website in very good ranking, allowing the website to continually be visible for those searching for their particular product. The campaign featured a lot of informative online posts in discussion areas, as well as numerous written articles on the topic of high intensity discharge car lights.