A Debt Management Company

KPO Service Type: Call Center Solutions


A debt management resource provider aims to offer information to consumers regarding debt consolidation and debt management, answer all frequently asked questions about credit and finance, and eventually help clients settle their debts.


The company needed seamless and results-oriented call center solutions to effectively carry out its target and improve customer service. The client wanted an outbound call center solutions to meet its objectives.


Voncore, through its strong reputation in the BPO industry proved to be the company’s key to meet their objectives. Its customer service team provided quality call center solutions that helped the client improve sales and profits. The multilingual call center services of Voncore also contributed to bringing the services of the client to a bigger and wider market.


Since Voncore is complete with VOIP lines, workstations, and a full IT support team to effectively facilitate and process transactions and sales, the workflow became more efficient.The client was able to increase its volume of clean sales. This meant higher and faster ROI for the client. Voncore’s up and ready call center infrastructure and model made it easier for the client to integrate solutions into their company. A complete technological package coupled with a strong group of experienced call center professionals helped the client meet its objectives.