KPO Service Type: Research Team – Data and Book Entry Solutions


An educational site wanted to create an online directory of local educational opportunities in the US, where students can come to find teachers, and where teachers can come to find students. They needed a research team to build their database, and Voncore proved to be a top choice for the client after doing work with other companies that do not give the results they wanted.


The client needed a research team who would be able to build and update data and came to Voncore for such services. Initially, Voncore had to use its own data pool, the Business Operating System or “BOS”. But because of the constant need to update data, the system responded slowly due to insufficient data space. Aside from BOS, the Research team decided to use online data storage “Google Docs” for directories storage, these directories are link of websites where data could be gathered from. Since tons of data are added inside the Google Docs Worksheet, it started to respond slowly again that resulted to loss of time. During the process, there were also some concerns about duplication of records and data tracking.


After suggestions made by Voncore’s Research team on how to improve the data pool, the client with the help of the team, launched a system to ensure the efficiency of data entry. Inside this new system are a few suggestions like 1.) Unlimited data space for new directories to be scraped so there is no need to wait so long when adding a bulk of directories. 2.) The Google button for automatic search of teacher’s email. 3) Cloning of classes for easy entry. After a few months, the client upgraded their system again. A few major suggestions, additional features were added such as duplicate tracking and data tracking. Voncore made it a point that instructions coming from the client were discussed in details to make sure that each member of the team understood what needs to be done. Goals are set in relation to the demands and directives of the clients. Proper designation of tasks has always been a practice to deliver great results and outstanding work. The team constantly notes bugs, errors and other nuisances in the system, and tries to find ways to avoid errors.


Voncore’s team of researchers did an excellent work in searching independent teachers and schools on the internet using some basic information such as name, e-mail address, phone number, location, and classes. These data are added to the client’s database. Because of the quality of work that the team produced, the client was able to achieve a more robust databank, which they can use in contacting teachers and schools to subscribe in their website. The client has achieved more goals than what they have initially targeted because of Voncore’s data processing solutions. They are pleased with the performance of the research team and have always commended the efforts of the group. The team has scraped thousands of directories in a span of a few months, exceeding the expectations of the client.