KPO Service Type: Customer Call Center

A Health Organization


A health organization that provides diabetes research, information and positive advocacy aims to fund research, publish scientific findings, provide information and other services to people with diabetes, their families, health professionals and to the general public, the public. The organization wanted to improve its customer service to generate more leads.


Aside from the organization’s difficulties in handling calls, the main things that needed improvement were maintaining consistency with sales especially when customer information have been called repeatedly over a span of two weeks. Also, there was difficulty in filtering leads for its customer service.


The client sought for Voncore to provide them with call center solutions. Voncore used a threefold plan. First, we shared the best practices with other successful agents so they can learn innovative techniques that can make their client interactions better and more interactive. Second, we communicated lead issues with the IT staff when they came up in the process. And third, we updated training information and materials when needed by the agents and trainees.


The strategy was well-received by the client. Due to the successful feedback from customers, Voncore was able to train four batches of call center agents. In addition, we are also in the process of coming up with another batch to add to their roster of customer service agents.