Hollywood Entertainment

Industry: Entertainment Industry/Internet Media
KPO Service Type: Creative Writing Department on Television Media


In 2006, the client launched a television entertainment Web site to deliver live, interactive interviews with celebrities. As it grew, this site became a haven for television news, celebrity profiles, and the latest gossip and evolved into a major entertainment hub, with over 20 million hits a month within its first year.


The company needed to find a writing team that would continue site growth, maintain up-to-the minute content on the ever-changing world of television, and continually optimize its search engine (SEO) rankings. However, they could not arrive at an effective productivity to cost ratio using their American team.


They came to VONCORE after attempting other various outsourcing channels like e-lance.com that failed to deliver the commitment and accountability they required. VONCORE suggested a team of writers located in the Philippines who are fluent in English and watch American television and movies. It worked with the client to develop a short story test to gauge potential success rate for this team. Through this process, VONCORE delivered a KPO team of writers who were young and in tune with the American culture, TV Shows and celebrities.


Today, this major website has moved its entire writing operation to its dedicated VONCORE team. Some of these writers have even been recognized by major Hollywood PR groups because of the quality of their work.