Information Technology

KPO Service Type: .NET Programming Team – IT Solutions
Medical Transcription Solutions Company


A transcription solutions company would like to take their business to a larger market through building a marketing website. They want to redesign their medical transcription application software and improve the content of the website to attract more clients and needed excellent .Net programmers to meet the client’s goals.


They needed the .NET programming team to settle technical difficulties in terms of browser compatibility and security and create a website that would fit the look and image they are aiming for. The client wanted a new and better marketing website for their company but could not find the right team to produce the output they were looking for.


The client sought Voncore’s IT solutions services to build them a corporate website and redesign their application. Voncore’s. Net Programming team executed a comprehensive research about the target market of the client. The team then created a website that meets the client’s objectives and specifications. To fully make the site functional and ready for optimization, the team made suggestions about the content and overall look of the client’s website.


With Voncore’s talented and experienced team of .Net programmers, the client was able to develop a site that clearly reflects the capabilities of their services. The team was able to weather all technical issues relating to the site’s browser compatibility and security. In turn, the functionality and appeal of the site were greatly enhanced. The IT solutions offered by Voncore helped broaden the reach of their company. The website developed for the client served as the company’s bridge to millions of its potential clients worldwide.