A Nonprofit Organization

KPO Service Type: .Net Programming


This nonprofit organization was formed in 1995, and since then, it has been known to drive positive social transformation by building homes for the poorest of the poor in the Philippines. It was able to materialize its humanitarian goals through the power of massive volunteerism. As the organization grew, it has widened its reach to other countries and helped contribute to social change through various projects and activities.


The organization needed a technology that would help them manage and track the results of charitable activities. The client wanted to use the power of technology in organizing and unifying the efforts of the organization to further intensify its impact and materialize its mission to extend help to marginalized sectors in the society.


The organization came to Voncore to deliver them the technology they need. Voncore’s team of .Net programmers developed a world-class technology that could help the client organize efforts, manage resources and pledges, monitor progress of projects, and measure the impact of its activities in helping the poor. The project required a team of programmers who have excellent skills, creativity, and performance-driven outlook, capable of building this innovative and first of its kind technology.

The Result:

Voncore was able to meet the specifications and demands of the client. In fact, the nonprofit organization presented this Voncore developed technology to a summit held in the US and was able to prove that they are a world-class organization armed with a world-class technology. Through this technology, the organization would be able to measure the impact of its works and recognize areas, which need more focus to boost the results of its efforts.