NJ Firm Provides Pipeline To The Greatest Natural Resources in the Philippines- April 2007 Somerset, New Jersey
by Ed Delia

Delia Associates
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The 7,107 islands that make up the Philippines are beautiful, bountiful and rich in many natural resources. However, the Philippines have one natural resource that stands head and shoulders above the others-its people.

Filipinos are proud and respectful, but they are also extremely industrious, and well educated. They are, in fact, educated in the American tradition.

All this adds up to one thing. The people of the Philippines represent an ideal workforce for American companies, and one company in particular, VONCORE Global Workforce Solutions, is helping small and mid-sized US firms take full advantage of that fact.

According to Rogelio Santos, Jr., president and founder of VONCORE, You no longer have to be a Fortune 500 company to benefit from off-shoring all or parts of your business. And the Philippines have proven to be the ideal source of quality people with Made in the USA written all over them.

It is true that we often forget that the Philippines were an American colony for 50 years, and that much of its institutions were cut from American cloth. Its education system is patterned after the American education system, and American-style diction and pronunciation is taught in most every classroom. In fact, most schools work from English text books. Even the courts in the Philippines site US cases in their decisions.

This is why Filipino-English has such a neutral, or almost Middle American accent, explains Santos, which presents a true advantage to our clients who are servicing the needs of a predominantly American clientele.

Although VONCORE has its US headquarters in New Jersey, its operational offices are located in the heart of Manila’s Financial District. This is where the bulk of the country’s talent gravitates. Telemarketing sales professionals, MBAs, Creative Writers, CAD designers they count on companies like VONCORE to maximize their income without having to leave their native soil. And yet, almost any function that can be performed inside an office or a home can be done on a remote basis in the Philippines for far less.

One VONCORE client told us that here in the states he was paying $450,000 a year to have 10 people service his customer base. Now it is costing him less then 25% of that cost to provide the same level of service through a VONCORE provided workforce.

Almost any business operation can benefit explains Santos. Almost any project can be accomplished quickly and more cost-effectively in the Philippines. And we find a ready-to-go workforce for each company, and then further customize their capabilities with training specific to each client’s needs.

Soon VONCORE will be enhancing its role as the go-to source for tapping into the human resources of the Philippines. The firm is currently beta testing its propriety BOS (Business Operating System) software. This software will allow VONCORE clients to effectively manage and coordinate the efforts of any off-site operation in real time. VONCORE’s BOS software is also totally dynamic. Clients will be able to continually customize and adjust BOS functionality as needed, without IT assistance. That’s because VONCORE’s BOS management package falls into the new D&R (design and run) category of software.

Other advantages offered by VONCORE to US companies looking for quality outsourcing include low-cost telecommunication systems with local a US phone number, powerful PC workstations, broadband Internet services, video conferencing technology, and special software and support packages to handle its clients unique needs.

But according to Santos, it still all comes down to the people. "The Philippine personnel we provide are quality people with a work ethic that is rare in these times, no matter where you go in the world. Most have earned college degrees, often in the very fields they are assigned by us. At the very least, we make certain their skills match up perfectly with the everyday demands of each individual client.

To find out more about the staffing solutions provided by VONCORE, for a short-term project or long-term operational support, visit their Web site at www.voncore.net or call (866) 471-4175.

VONCORE is a US based company with offices in the NY/NJ Tri-State Area and in the capital city of Manila, Philippines. Our mission is to provide growing businesses the opportunity and the smoothest path to gaining value from a highly trained and cost-effective offshore staff. Through VONCORE, businesses of all sizes can develop off-shore extensions and departments as part of their overall organization. We do this by providing exceptional work management technology, collaboration systems, and hiring the best professionals to match the needs of our clients. To learn more about VONCORE, visit www.voncore.net today.

To find out more about the Philippines, officially the Republic of the Philippines, and the 85 million Filipinos who live on its islands, visit www.gov.ph 

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