NJBIZ Entrepreneur 101 - October 2007 New Brunswick, NJ
by Joel Berg

NJBIZ Entrepreneur 101
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Entrepreneur 101

Rogelio Santos Jr. can anticipate the objections raised by potential customers of his startup company, Voncore in Piscataway, which sets up operations in the Philippines for small and mid-sized businesses in the United States.

Do the Filipino workers speak English? What’s their skill level? How can we manage them from thousands of miles away?

Santos, who is CEO of Voncore, had the same questions when his previous business, a real estate information services firm, opened an office in the Philippines to do data entry.

“There was a lot of hesitation,” said Santos, a Filipino American.

Any lingering doubts were erased when Santos visited the offshore office about 18 months after it opened. What most intrigued him was that the Filipino workers had developed their own systems in the absence of any direction for the United States.

“That was my ‘aha’ moment,” said Santos, whose entrepreneurial ventures date back to his teenage years. He realized he could set up similar offices staffed with skilled workers for other small companies that lacked the resources to do it themselves.

In all his entrepreneurial ventures, Santos said, the key has been an understanding of the value he creates for customers, not simply offering the lowest price.

Note: NJBIZ writes about business people throughout the Garden State. There are lessons to be learned weekly in our newspaper, and this was part of the original reasoning behind the publication that you now hold in your hands. Like a classroom, Entrepreneur 101 provides practical and extremely useful advice for succeeding business

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