Outsourcing: The Solution to Online Business Problems
by PRLog – Dec 08, 2008

Managing an online business or an online extension of your business demands more time than you can actually give it. There is a better way to go about updating your site with fresh content rather than using up all your time.

Managing an online business or an online extension of your business demands more time than you can actually give it. From product conceptualization, product planning to testing and launching, you would be giving the project a lot of hands-on work that would require your full attention. Once the product launches, you would also need to introduce it to the market and keep the conversion flowing. Keeping an eye on all of this, little to no time would be left to actually updating the website and promoting it online.

However, your website will need fresh content every so often. You will need those articles, press releases, blogs and basic internet marketing. You’ve launched the product and now you have to make it known to the public. The best avenue to making it known is by providing effective content that would be recognized by major search engines. It has been proven that with regards to Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimization, content is king.

The challenge here is looking for capable hands to do those articles, those press releases and promote those blogs that would support your online business; all for creating a positive web presence and making that presence felt by your target market. The simple solution to this seemingly intimidating workload is outsourcing.


With VONCORE Global Workforce Solution, you would get some of the best writers in the Philippines. Creative writers with college degrees on Journalism, Communication Arts and Education will be writing articles, press releases and blogs for the promotion of your online business. These writers have already spent a considerable amount of time in their chosen craft. You would get no less than professional articles written by people who certainly know what they’re talking about.

The best part about this is that since VONCORE’s writers are trained in this field, writing about topics that are completely alien to them is easily remedied by research. Productivity would not be affected by topics or by the things you need to be done. You would get the same quality articles regardless of the nature of your business or the topics you want articles for. Flexibility is the key in a volatile market and with VONCORE’s creative writers, you won’t have to worry.

The service doesn’t stop there. VONCORE also offers full Search Engine Optimization services. You won’t only be getting talented writers to keep your website fresh with creative and informative content; you can also employ SEO specialists to make sure that your content would not go to waste. Ranking in major search engines is crucial for you to establish the web presence your business needs.

Business owners have been outsourcing all their content writing activities to save time, money and effort. An average writer can take up to an hour with a highly focused B2B article, the time lost doing this if the business owner is going to take it into his own hands would be irreversible. That’s why most business owners are now willing to shell out a few dollars as that would save them the valuable time meant to do more important business functions.

VONCORE specializes in developing customized KPO solutions for businesses of all sizes. Working with our clients as a true partnership, we develop off-shore teams that function as a full time department and extension of your business operation.

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