Voncore Marches With The Gk Heroes
by PRLog - Oct 27, 2008

VONCORE participates in the Gawad Kalinga World Expo ‘08

VONCORE finds itself at The Fort, Taguig City marching alongside united diversity last October 11. The march is part of the Gawad Kalinga World Expo event that celebrates the caretakers, the kapitbahayans, the partners and the volunteers who have worked endlessly on site and off site to empower the poor and build not just houses but homes. It is a breathtaking experience to witness the 40,000 army of GK Heroes from all over the world walk together in unbridled unity with the kapitbahayans. It is the “Emergence of a New Middle Class” as Tony Meloto puts it.

VONCORE employees made sure they were heard. The drum beat in front of their group resonated all throughout the walk and kept everybody’s spirits up; even passers-by took a second look at the group that’s getting so much attention. The energy was over and beyond even before they reached the grounds where they were tasked to organize themselves. The employees and their deep blue shirts stood out among the sea of people mobilizing for the march. Among the many companies marching alongside VONCORE includes Selecta, Meralco and telecommunications company giants Globe and Smart.

The walk didn’t appear to be tedious because of the sheer enjoyment the employees experienced by walking together as a unit. Occasionally, the “Isang Milyong Bayani” chant will be called out and they would respond with gusto. The most notable part of this march was the fact that a complete obliteration of boundaries took place. Company presidents and administration march together with their employees, competing businesses march together side by side, academic authorities and students, the rich and the poor, everyone was united and there was no wall to get in the way.

This is not the first time VONCORE employees got exposed to the GK experience. Around July this year, they visited the GK headquarters and were toured around the GK communities along Mandaluyong City. This was an eye-opener experience for the employees as they are immersed in the life of the established communities and were told firsthand by the occupants about how the place looked like before Gawad Kalinga moved in. The excursion pushed through so the employees would have a firmer grasp on the project that they would be doing for Gawad Kalinga. VONCORE would be doing several projects for Gawad Kalinga next year.

VONCORE CEO Rogelio Santos is a devoted GK volunteer. Being immersed and deeply moved by the bayanihan spirit that Gawad Kalinga advocates, Santos inspires the whole company to take part in the Gawad Kalinga World Expo and support the cause. Santos says, “GK is about nation building. VONCORE is also about nation building. We’re all about bringing in new jobs, new opportunities, and new values”

VONCORE focuses not only on business but on people. Not just the people but the country as a whole. The Gawad Kalinga World Expo is a significant event that strengthens VONCORE’s position as a company. Being a young company, it is important for VONCORE to start doing business ventures in the right direction and with heart. In the midst of all the economic rubble, VONCORE sees the story and it is a great story to tell. The heart is what makes the person and the real squatters are those who do nothing for the country. The bayanihan spirit lives on. Longstanding companies from all over the country and all over the world trust VONCORE and become clients because they see the story. They see the whole picture that VONCORE has been painting.

One of the prestigious guests in the GK World Expo said that doing good in what you do is already an expression of GK’s position in uplifiting poverty. Elizabeth Kinoshita, COO of VONCORE says “Voncore's core value, Family, Patriotism, Leadership, Money and personally, my drive at Voncore to provide a world-class opportunities for the talented Filipinos -- I trust Voncore's vision fundamentally coincides with GK's spirit of "building a world-class nation.”

VONCORE specializes in developing customized KPO solutions for businesses of all sizes. Working with our clients as a true partnership, we develop off-shore teams that function as a full time department and extension of your business operation.

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