Voncore recognizes accomplishments of Gawad Kalinga Founder and Nation Builder Tony Meloto
By Rico Franco - August 15, 2009

Gawad Kalinga Philippines founder, nation building proponent, and leading humanitarian Tony Meloto was recently honored and recognized for his contribution to the uplifting of the impoverished and homeless families in the Philippines during a brief ceremony held at the offices of Voncore. Meloto spoke of the need for initiatives which need to target the source of the problem, rather than just dealing with the resulting repercussions of neglecting the issue. By dealing with the most basic unit of the community, the family, Meloto stresses that not only is the issue of poverty aptly targeted, any aid extended to this basic level of the community is invested where it can do the most good, and because the family is the most basic level of the community, improving the state of the family will also result in a cumulative effect that is sure to reflect in the nation as well.

Meloto adds he recently visited the United States to give talks in various states about the initiatives of Gawad Kalinga, and the response he got from the various places he visited, from both Filipinos and Americans and even other foreigners is very encouraging, with various groups, inspired by his talk, pledging their support to the cause. Gawad Kalinga is the largest nation building and poverty alleviation movement in the country, having successfully helped several communities, previously living in slums with makeshift homes, build decent homes, effectively improving the quality of their lives and giving them a fresh start. Meloto has also called on the various professionals employed in the burgeoning BPO industry in the Philippines, as well as their principal companies, to join him and help eradicate the issue of hunger, homelessness, and poverty in the country.

Voncore, a full service online business solutions, for its part has built and is now maintaining GK1World.com, a website intended to be the central information hub of the Gawad Kalinga Foundation, providing comprehensive information on the activities and progress of the efforts of the group, as well as enjoin volunteers from around the world to participate in the initiatives of the group to build the nation, end hunger, and eradicate homelessness in the country. Voncore also built GK Unity, a data management program intended to provide primarily transparency in managing all of the aid that Gawad Kalinga receives and distribute the resources to the initiatives and projects that need it the most.

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