Video is now the "dominant online entertainment format“. More than 250 million visitors visited YouTube in January, 2009 alone. It holds 51% of Internet users all over the world. When used as an internet marketing strategy, video promotions on YouTube and other video platforms can become a powerful source of back links for a website.

Video promotions are very viral in nature. One video could reach millions of Internet users worldwide. It can attract thousands and even million of viewers, rigging in more potential customers to a site. It is not only a great way to promote a site, it is also a great means to take advantage of the strength of user interaction on the worldwide web.

VONCORE has already tapped into the rich potentials of video promotions in ranking some of our clients’ sites. The results are indeed remarkable. Even one powerful video produced a month ago for one of our clients has already brought in thousands of views and has become a top 10 search engine traffic contributor for their site. It just goes to show that when implemented properly, video promotions can indeed generate healthy and quality traffic for any website.