As a business, having a team of Search Engine Marketers, or SEM’s, all dedicated to you will assure you of bigger and greater benefits compared to just having Pay Per Click or PPC experts or any other model of Search Engine Optimization (“SEO”) out there. First is the advantage of having a full team that can produce in results-oriented output, especially in marketing your site all throughout the web. Other forms of SEO methodology will simply focus on back links, while a dedicated ELITE SEO team model focuses on giving you the results that you seek in your ROI (Return On Investments), increased traffic and sales. Compare a dedicated team with other models and you will see the major differences in terms of marketing impact. Your team will always be ready and on standby to adapt and react to the latest developments and needed improvements for your sites.

If you weigh the advantages of having your own team than having a collection of packages for link building, freelancers, or from a contractual or project based staff, you will realize that you will get to have immense savings, higher output and a higher ROI.

At the end of the day and while looking at your graphs and sales, it will slowly sink in that you did indeed hit the sweet spot of making that choice: hiring your very own DEDICATED ELITE SEO TEAM at VONCORE.